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Budget Container Sales is the best source for affordable steel storage container rentals throughout the United States. Whether you are looking to rent a storage container for a long term project, or you are looking to get pricing on a short term rental, you've come to the right place. You'll find everything you need to know about renting a container right here on this guide.

What Are Container Rentals?

Before we dive into more details we should clarify exactly what type of container we are going to be covering. Steel Storage Containers are large warehouse-like trailers that typically have a strong steel frame on the outside, a metal or fiberglass roof, marine grade paint, and an insulated floor. The two most popular sizes are the standard length 40-foot and 20-foot sizes which can be either the standard 8'6" height, or 9'6" high, which are referred to as high cube containers. They are commonly used for business and commercial temporary storage, and rarely used for residential storage unless you have a large property with a lot of room for a container (they are very large).

The reason that we need to clarify the type of container we are referring to is that there are many common terms used to describe them, and confusion can arise. Here are some of the common terms that are used to describe commercial storage containers:

  • Shipping Containers
  • Conex Boxes (short for Container Express)
  • Cargo Containers
  • Steel Storage Containers
  • Dry Boxes / Dry Containers
  • Freight Containers
  • Reefer Container (Refrigerated Boxes)
  • Onsite Containers
  • Construction Containers
  • Intermodal Containers (they were designed for intermodal cargo transport)
  • Ocean / Sea Container / Sea Can
  • ISO Container (International Shipping Organization.

As you can see there are tons of different terms used to describe shipping containers, and that's not even a compete list. It can get especially confusing when described using very similar names to other storage products like PODS, Pack-Rat, Units, U-haul or traditional self storage. Here are some of the more confusing terms:

  • Storage Units
  • Portable Storage Containers
  • Moving Containers

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's an example of a storage container rental that you will find at Budget Container Sales:

Not to be confused with:

portable storage container

Advantages of Renting Storage Containers vs Other Storage Solutions

Storing things is a massive, $100 Billion+ industry in the United States so it should be no surprise that there are a lot of options that cater to different needs. Here are a few benefits of a cargo container rental:

  • More Convenient - you can store your things at your location, right where you need them. This can save tons of time transporting things back and forth to a storage facility.
  • More Affordable - portable storage containers are much more affordable compared to self storage or warehouse storage.
  • More Versatile - they can be used for tons of different applications. You can use them to store records, construction equipment, sports equipment, excess inventory and more.
  • More Secure Storage - steel storage containers are made from high grade 12 gauge steel and can be equipped with advanced locking systems, making them extremely secure and ideal for outdoor storage where you can't keep an eye on your things.

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Get the Right Size Storage Container Rental For Your Needs

Choosing the right container size for your storage needs is very important in making sure you don't spend too much or outgrow your storage space. Here are the most common sizes available:

  • 10 Ft Portable Storage Container - 10'L x 8'W x 8.5'H
  • 20 Ft Storage Container - 20'L x 8'W x 8.5'H
  • 20 Foot High Cube - 20 Feet Long, 8 feet 6 Inches High, 8 Feet Wide
  • 40 Ft Storage Container - 40'L x 8'W x 8.5'H
  • 40 Ft High Cube Storage Container (HC) - 40'L x 8'W x 9.5'H

There are also 53 foot,48 foot and 30 foot long containers as well as pallet wide boxes (often called extra-wide) but you aren't likely to come across those types of boxes.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Storage Container?

The average price to rent a storage container is $130. Rental rates are month to month, so even if you need some temporary storage only a weekend, you will still be charged for the months rental. Delivery will also cost about $100-$150 each way, so be sure that you factor this in when reviewing any price quotes. If delivery charges aren't clearly laid out and itemized then you should ask if they are included.

Rental rates vary depending on many different factors, with the most important ones being container size, length of the rental contract, and local inventory levels. You will get cheaper rentals near major port cities such as Miami, Los Angeles and Houston as they have a much bigger inventory due to their large ports. This table will outline general prices to rent containers:

Average Monthly Rate for Container Rentals

Container Size Monthly Rate
10 Foot $110
20 Foot $120
40 Foot $135


Chart for Average Monthly Rate for Container Rentals

How to Choose Between a Steel Storage Container Rental and Purchase

If you only need a container for a few months then you should definitely be renting and not even thinking about purchasing. Even if you are looking for a long term storage solution, even longer than a year or two, then long term leases can sometimes still be more attractive than buying a shipping container.

When you rent a conex box, if it's for business or commercial use, the costs are fully tax deductible as a business expense. It can often be difficult to find containers to buy, so a container rental is often the only option you have. You will usually get a much lower monthly rate if you sign a long term contract.

Purchasing a cargo container makes more sense if you are interested in adding any modifications or customizations. Many customers want to add specific features like a roll up door (swinging is standard), or ventilation, windows or any number of other customizations.

Popular Commercial Uses For Shipping Container Rentals

With more than 20 million conex containers in the world, it's clear that they are very popular for many uses. You have probably seen rental containers being used in many different places without even realizing it. Here are a few of the most popular uses for mobile storage containers.

  • Construction Jobsite Storage
  • Records Storage (schools, government, medical)
  • Storing Equipment (sports equipment, tools, machinery)
  • Inventory Storage
  • Commercial Facilities (Retail, Restaurants, Hotels)
  • Jobsite Office Trailer (custom container offices)
  • Storing Perishable Food (you would need a refrigerated, reefer container)

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Differences Between a Shipping Container Rental vs. PODS Style Portable Storage Unit

There are many differences when it comes to a portable storage unit that is designed for residential moving and storage and a shipping container designed for secure storage and cargo transport. Here are a couple of the main differences:

  • Construction Materials - conex boxes are extremely long lasting (30+ years) because they are made out of 12 gauge corten steel. Portable storage units are usually made out of wood and aluminum.
  • Typical Use - Units/PODS container types are a very popular and affordable way to move your belongings during long distance moves. They will drop the container at your property and once you fill it they will move the loaded container to a different city on a large moving truck, wheres a container company usually will not. A conex container is more suited to onsite storage at a construction site or a remote location where there is no security.
  • Security - your things will be kept much safer in a steel container as they are built with security in mind, and not just from theft, but also from the elements, as they are completely wind and water tight.
  • Size - shipping containers range from 10 ft to 54 ft, while residential storage units usually come in 8ft, 12 ft or 16 ft lengths.

Renting a Portable Storage Container - How It Works:

If you are like most people you have probably rented a shipping container. We field questions all the time about how the process works, so here is a simple breakdown of how rentals work with Budget Container Sales:

  • Complete the quick quote form - answer a few questions about your needs (how many containers you need, how long you need them for, where you need them etc.) and your request will get matched to the best local companies.
  • Get price quotes - you'll receive price quotes from the best local portable storage companies over the phone or via email.
  • Choose the best offer - no more spending hours or days haggling over prices, you can quickly and easily choose the best offer for your needs.
  • Schedule a Delivery - set a time for your container to be delivered to your location. You will need to make sure that you have enough space for the delivery truck to access your location and that you have a firm, flat surface to put the container.

Can I Lease to Buy a Container?

Some local companies will offer lease to purchase programs, but they are not very common. Most of the time when you hear about companies offering container leasing, they are referring to long term rentals. That's not to say that you definitely can't find a company willing to offer a lease to buy option, because they do exist - they just aren't very popular as with other industries.

How to Get the Best Price on a Cargo Container Rental

There are many tips that you can follow to get the best rates. The most important tip is to compare prices from a few different container companies. You should never just pick the first company you see, otherwise you will never know if you are getting a fair price for your rental. You can also usually save by selecting a local supplier, as they will usually have cheaper delivery fees as they don't have to spend as much time and money on gas to drop the container at your property.

What are you waiting for? Complete the quick quote form now to let us know what type of steel storage container rental you are looking for. You won't find better prices or a better selection of secure containers anywhere else!